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Many marketing companies and organizations claim to develop a digital marketing strategy. What they really offer a vaguely written strategy, self-absorbed with little impact on the growth of your business. Also, you are often left with the execution of this strategy on your own. 

At Anil Is Advertising Inc., we are responsible for the development and implementation of marketing. That’s why we ensure that our strategy is convenient, very detailed, and action. This sense of belonging is essential to achieving results, revenues and profitability of your strategy as it is designed. In addition, we will show exactly how we will take you from point A to point B – this must be a priority – and how long it will take.

We work with businesses of all sizes both in Edmonton and also other parts of the world. 


Website Development
and Mangement

Anil Is Advertising Inc. deep dive into what your business is focused on delivering. This gets us the learning curve very quickly to hit running the floor and avoid wasting time and money. In this process of discovery, intense and accelerated, a team of three people to form Anil Is Advertising Inc. gets a thorough knowledge of your organization. This includes interviews with key people, a survey of your current initiatives and sales and marketing assets, and in-depth competitiveness and research to clients. In fact, we often pain points can discover and disconnections that have little to do with marketing. Our expert strategists – people who are dedicated exclusively to writing marketing strategy – so me this input to create specific recommendations that meet both your great image and the immediate needs and objectives.

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What we offer is not an academic exercise. We offer a strategic plan for action that is much more detailed and comprehensive than our competitors offer. This is true whether you are looking for a larger plan, long-term – or if you need a well thought, the QuickStart strategy to meet immediate needs. Unlike boilerplate presentations, you usually see our complete plans and fully customized. Generally, work 60 or more slides. Each of these slides contains valuable observations, ideas and real-world recommendations to create a concentrated way and significant step forward for business generation efforts.


Email Marketing

Social Media

Once we’ve gathered your sales and marketing strategy, the next step is to realize the initiatives you want to focus on. To drive this process, we create a very detailed schedule and hierarchical step by step action items in social media marketin.



Content Marketing

Our content work in schedule exactly what we need to do for you – month by month, week by week, and even day by day—to achieve the objectives and specific steps. By asking this detailed roadmap, Anil Is Advertising Inc. in Edmonton is fully accountable and transparent. 


Shine Online

Digital Marketing Strategy and Optimization

We are very clear about what we will do when it will be done, and what you can expect to pay for our services. Unlike other companies, you need to trust us to be efficient and effective blindly. You can follow our progress and results from beginning to end.


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