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When your competitors are ranked right next to you, earn selling comes down to who sees your client. This is especially if your competitor is known and trusted in the industry. This means being found uniformly in each space your prospects watch and learn and buy. It means to be creative and bold with your SEO strategy.

That’s why the team of digital power optimization opportunities finds your competitors’ weaknesses to craft strategies that lead to short term gains while strengthening long-term growth.

The goals should not be to copy the SEO of your competitors. It’s about coming up with a unique SEO strategy that would differentiate you from your competitors. 

That’s why at Anil Is Advertising Inc., we are dedicated to helping different brands in Edmonton to get the SEO strategies that would give them a competitive advantage over their competitors.


Visibility For Your Brand

Grass Roots Startups will help your brand gain visibility on the internet. Target audiences will easily find your products and service. Your website will rank on the first page of the major search engines. When your prospects look for your brand on social media, they’ll find you easily.

We aim to help your brand to found by your target audience easily.



Technical SEO

To give you the best SEO strategy for your business, we follow a simple strategy. Our focus is to bring out the uniqueness of your business and put it in front of your target customers. 

Before, during, and after implementation of any strategy, we’ll help your business with a responsive SEO audit. This is to check whether everything is done perfectly and according to what your business requires. 

You will receive an SEO audit of your depth:

Metadata: such as title tags, meta descriptions, and headers.

Contents: for the quality of content, SEO friendly, and duplicates.

Backlinks: including the volume, quality, and authority.

Keywords: for relevance, intent, search volume, and competition levels.

SEO technique: including your robots.txt, sitemap XML, and schema.



Before a contract is signed, we jump your company’s hood with a detailed assessment of your SEO strategy. You get out what works, detailed reports, and what are the possibilities that we have found a serious growth for your SEO.


SEO Strategy

Once your assessment is complete (with an evaluation and competitive backlink profile), we begin mapping a plan of attack. Your strategy is backed by years of experience and research in your niche.


SEO Updates

Now it’s time to get down and dirty with the detailed work that goes into building your SEO strategy—depending on your needs, which includes keyword research, creating or content optimization, technical cleaning, building links, and more.

Look at the sales roll while the outlook is ideal funneled to your site by the masses. But our work is not done yet. We will continue to monitor the results, refine, and test our SEO efforts to see just how high we can increase organic traffic.

After Auditing SEO and identifying opportunities, weaknesses, and best strategies for SEO improvement, the next thing would be to optimize every strategy. For a better return on your investment, every strategy would be optimized to give the best results that it can deliver.

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